About Summary.NZ

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on all the time. Summary is a simple way of skimming over a curated set of news and opinion sources to spot the things you're interested in, without lots of setup.

I have other ideas / feeds, how do I contact you?

Email richard@opcode.co.nz or catch me on Twitter at @phirate.

Isn't this just like an RSS reader?

It's worse than an RSS reader. You should definitely use an RSS reader. If you're too lazy to use an RSS reader, then Summary is for you.

Isn't this just like popurls?

"Inspired by" would be the phrase I'd use. It's not the same, it's completely different code and it has a different objective. Summary attempts to focus a bit on New Zealand content, and avoids some of the architectural decisions that made popurls a bit of a pain to use (particularly the URL redirection that failed all the time).

You're stealing content from...

Everything on here is from an explicit public feed or API and meets the terms of service as best as I'm aware. If you know something I don't, get in touch. A list of all the current providers and their status is available here.

I think you should include <x>

Let me know, I'll think about it. I don't want to get the thing too full, but if you've got something that's generally going to be interesting to an NZ/Tech crowd I'd like to know. It's gotta have a feed or API tho.

Why is the theme so dim?

Because we're always reading this stuff in the middle of the night when we can't sleep, and bright light hurts our eyes.

Isn't that a bad idea?

Sure, but if we were smart we'd be using an RSS reader.